Grey - First

In October 2017 I was tasked with responding to a brief from Grey London as part of an exhibition showcasing the work of 4 photographers and their interpretation of First.

My response to the brief is to explore a basic idea of ‘Causality’, initial actions and how they lead to secondary effects. A fundamental feature of causality is the continuity of the cause-effect connection.

The chain of causal connections has neither beginning nor end, no first, no last. Therefore we will explore sequences within this infinite succession where one state has preceded another and how first an action will lead to the secondary effect.

This exists in in every element of life and is the basic principle to all natural science. An action creates a reaction, the relationship between cause and effect otherwise defined as causality.

A tree will not form until first a seed is planted, Momentum is created when first force is applied.

The cause and effect phenomena is determined by the nature and state of the interacting elements.

Focusing on the natural world and using artistic interpretation, I explored this concept and visually represented certain phenomena that have helped shape the world we live in today and continue to evolve.